50 Stories; A Firm foundation

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"In 1986, there was an advert in my church notices seeking assistance for an organisation named Time For God. I responded and offered my services, explained what I could offer, and the administrator at the time said, “We’d be happy to have you on board.” I went to a meeting and off it went.

From 1986 to today, I’ve been assisting Time For God. I’ve been a trustee since trustees existed.

What inspired me to work with TfG? I suppose that it was the young people themselves, giving up a year of their time to come and volunteer, many from overseas.

The volunteers gain independence. They gain strength. They adapt to a new environment. In some cases, their English is improved; in many cases, they become a more well-rounded person wishing to serve God.

Young people are the future of this country and other countries. If you can give them a firm foundation, they can move forward to become better citizens in the future.

There are some wonderful young and dedicated people out there, operating in the name of Christ.

As a trustee, I try to look and analyse problems and suggest a solution. It’s given me an opportunity to look at things, to offer what I can to an organisation… I suppose that’s what a lot of our volunteers do as well."


This post is part of '50 Stories,' a year-long series of personal accounts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Time For God.