50 Stories: I can survive

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"I was a TfG volunteer in 2006 in Wales. My placement was at the top of a mountain, and it was full of green scenery, including sheep and horses. There were not many people there.

I worked in a church. I served as a pianist and youth worker. I organized events for children and worked in a craft club, singing group, and café. I did so many things.

The hardest thing of my volunteer year was to overcome loneliness. As the only Asian person in the town, it was my first time to live in another country for a year. Other than the language barrier, I felt that I missed my friends and family in Korea. And the people at my placement were not used to experiencing someone from a new culture. I overcame through showing my love to people continuously. I wrote, maybe, 50 cards and gave them to every single person in the town. People were very surprised that I gave them a handwritten card with a piece of chocolate. It was kind of shocking to them and they came to open their heart and mind to me.

After three months, they started to give me not material things, but love, hope, fun. I realized we can be friends even if they are not Korean. It was a turning point for me. They became my friends and family.

When I was away from my family, I could think about my life and what I have to do. My questions about life and God made me grow up as a more confident Christian. Throughout that time, I felt I could do anything. I can survive anywhere because I survived in Penrhys. In my last speech at the café before I left, I told them you are my family and this is my second hometown."


This post is part of '50 Stories,' a year-long series of personal accounts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Time For God.