50 Stories: Looking to the future

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"I was a trustee with Time For God from 2008 until 2014 – I was the treasurer. In 2014, I stood down from the position, but then the previous chairperson approached me and asked if I would be willing to take on the role as the chair of trustees.

I have a philosophy that says, ‘only do it if you can make a real difference.’ I’m keen to help Time For God move forward, so I accepted the role of chairperson.

“Deep and wide” is an old chorus that we used to sing in church. I think as Christians, we’re invited to a whole worldview about becoming bigger people, a bigger church. C.S. Lewis suggested that you know when a real Christian arrives because you feel the weight of such huge and significant people. That’s the business of the gospel: how do we become the giants we are meant to be?

We get bigger, we get stronger, we get more prolific.  If you just spread wider, you get spread thinner. You have to get deeper as well as wider.

We are a provider of excellence that gives volunteers a life changing experience.

Come spend a year with God and leave a bigger, deeper, wider person because of how you’ve grown and what you’ve experienced.

To have a successful volunteer year, you need three things: pleasure, purpose, and challenges.  You must have the things you enjoy, things that are worthwhile, and things that stretch you.

As an organisation, we are challenging ourselves to have a wider range of overseas placements. We want more UK placements, and we want to find a way to help a placement benefit from a volunteer even if they can’t meet the financial commitment. 

We will pursue these things with energy and purpose.

I’m proud of the breadth of Time for God. We work with a wide range of people and we are very broad in our acceptance of people and placements. I’m proud of the health of the organisation. We have been diligent about our duty. I’m excited by what will happen in the future."


This post is part of '50 Stories,' a year-long series of personal accounts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Time For God.