50 Stories: Volunteer for life

"I followed my sister’s example. She also was a volunteer. I liked the idea of going abroad by myself in a totally different country to try something entirely new.

I feel really useful, like I’m actually doing something. And by my work, I can make a difference in other’s lives. I wanted to see whether I’m capable of living on my own for a year in a different country, only relying on myself.

I am Catholic, and there’s always an encouragement to go and help others. It doesn’t matter if it’s your neighbourhood or your school or even further. It’s not about being a volunteer for a year, but to be a volunteer throughout your life, to be there and do what is right, to help.

I don’t do it because I’m Catholic and that’s what the church teaches. I am a volunteer because I try to do what I think is right and what I believe is useful. I believe that what I do is good and valuable.

My sense of right and wrong comes from the people around me, the way that I was brought up, what I’ve seen and experienced throughout my life. It comes from the belief I have.

I’ve heard people say that they are religious, but their actions were not consistent with that statement.

Through my actions, I try to show there is a difference. My actions will speak for me."