Apply to volunteer!

To apply as a volunteer with Time for God, please complete the following registration form. Guideline information can be found below.

What happens next?

1) Once you have completed the registration form above, Time for God will review your details and, if eligible for our programme, we will send you an application form. 

2) Having reviewed your application form, eligible candidates will be contacted for a Skype/telephone interview with a Time for God staff member.

3) After interview, successful applicants will be asked to provide 3 references and a motivation letter (see 'Guideline Information' below). 

4) Upon receipt of these documents, applicants will be enrolled on our programme for placement in the UK!

Guideline information:

1) Motivation Letter:

- Please explain your motivation for doing voluntary service in the form of a letter.

- You must write the letter of motivation yourself and in English.

- In your letter please answer the following questions according to the programme / country you are applying for:

a) What motivated you to apply to TfG?

b) Outline your Christian experience and / or background (if any), whilst we are a Christian organisation, if applying through EVS you are not obliged to answer this question

c) What personal goals do you hope to achieve through this year?

d) What are your expectations of life in your chosen country?

e) What do you think will be the main differences in lifestyle / culture compared to your home country?

f) How do you feel about community living?

g) Do you find it easy to discuss personal feelings within a group setting?

h) Anything else you would like to mention at this point

2) References:

- You must include three completed references as part of your application. We will not contact your referees for your references, you must submit written references.

Please ask three different people who know you well to write a reference for you. These could be a pastor or minister/priest, youth group leader, employer, teacher, sports coach etc.

- Please provide your references in English. (If the original copies are in a different language than please provide an English translation.)

- Please DO NOT provide references written by family members or a close friend of yours.

- Please ask your referee to answer the following questions:

a) How long have you know him/ her, and in what capacity and how well?

b) What do you understand to be the applicant’s reasons for wanting to volunteer?

c) In what ways do you think he /she will need support in coping with the stresses involved in doing this?

d) Christian background/ experience - Outline your perception of the volunteer’s Christian background, experience and maturity.

e) Current difficulties - Outline areas of the applicant’s life that they are currently having difficulty with.

f) Client Groups – Outline any areas of work s/he would be very strong in or struggle with and why? (Toddlers and young children (under 11), Church and non-church youth (age11+), People with learning difficulties, Physical disabilities, elderly, People with mental illness, living with HIV, homeless).

g) Living Arrangements - Outline any concerns you foresee for s/he potentially living in any of the following settings? (Host family, with other volunteers, on their own, very busy city, countryside)

h) Strengths- Detail the volunteer’s strengths – in areas such as personality,
temperament, skills, talents/ gifts, and spirituality:

i) Weaknesses-  Please outline areas, which are potential problems for the applicant,
or for those around them.

j) Criminal Record: Yes I do know of a record and/or convictions; No I know of no record (please delete as appropriate).


Please note that incomplete applications, references, or letters of motivation may prevent us from processing applications.