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“I want to have a deeper faith journey,” Fabian said. Find out what else this sporty, piano-playing volunteer has in store for this year.


Fabian grew up in a Christian family, but he owes his faith to confirmation. "That is what truly made me a Christian."

Fabian is a Time For God volunteer from Germany. Though he misses German beer, Fabian knew a gap year was right for him.

After attending an informational afternoon hosted by a German organisation, he knew Time For God was the right fit for him. “The main reason I am here is for my English and to have a deeper faith journey,” Fabian said.

Fabian will spend his year working with young people. He attends Pulse Groups—a lunchtime Bible study for secondary students—as well as house groups for 14 to 18 year olds.

He also helps with weekly assemblies in primary schools. The 200-student assembly lasts 15 minutes and includes general information about God, a Bible passage, discussion, and prayer.

In his spare time, Fabian enjoys playing the piano. He has played for nine years and especially enjoys musicals, particularly Sister Act.

Sports are a large part of Fabian’s life. He has played badminton for six years, three competitively. He participated in swimming for 11 years and trained with a club. He also cycles and skis for fun.

When he returns to Germany in August 2015, he will attend university for a science-related field. He hopes that this experience will help him decide what he would like to do in the future. ‘It’s a good possibility as well for thinking about what I want to do after,’ Fabian said.

He knows it may be difficult, however, to return home after a volunteer year. 

‘I’m feeling more settled in, and then it’s difficult to leave this area after one year,’ Fabian said.

Until then, however, he is looking forward to a very special trip.

“I will go with my parish here at the end of the year to Uganda. We will work on social projects and work with children to teach them English.”

It is clear that global volunteering is and always will be a large part of Fabian’s life.

Photo Credit: Evi Schwartz

Photo Credit: Evi Schwartz