​Do you need an extra pair of hands?

Time For God can help you by matching you with a volunteer(s) who comes to live and serve full-time in your community for a year.


Time For God interviews and recommends to you a volunteer usually aged between 18-30 to fulfil a specific role within your placement. A Time For God volunteer brings unique skills and perspective to your organisation. We recruit through long-established partner networks for volunteers to join a placement in either August/September or January. Time For God volunteers serve at their placement for 35-40 hours per week for 10-12 months.


Time For God volunteers give a year of their time for a variety of reasons but each is committed to service, mission and simple living. The majority of volunteers are international and come from a wide range of backgrounds denominationally, culturally and economically.Time For God volunteers form a network of volunteers contributing to the work of over 60 Christian organisations across the UK working in churches, community and social projects.

Watch this video to meet some of our volunteers and hear their stories!