Things to Consider


You will need to think about the management and support of the volunteer – we will ask you to assign a supervisor to the volunteer who will be in charge of line management, friendship, mentoring and personal development.

Job description

We will ask you to write a job description for the volunteer including a sample weekly schedule.


We ask you to provide the volunteer’s accommodation either with a host family or in a (shared) flat/house


Our system is unique in that we encourage both the volunteer and the placement to contribute to the cost of the year. We find this engenders mutual respect and commitment.

There is a monthly cost of £260 per month. That's £2,860 for the year (11 months) or less than £8 per day!

Meals should also be provided by the placement (e.g a conference centre canteen, with the host family, or volunteer self catering). TfG recommends a food allowance of £37.50 per week to cover all meals if they are not provided.