Light Through Darkness

Light Through Darkness Cover Image

Paige is a current TfG and Young Adults in Global Mission volunteer. ​This post was originally published on her personal blog, ‘More Than a Cuppa Tea,’ on 16 December 2014. 

Advent is a time of waiting in darkness for the light and birth of Jesus. We can literally see the darkness around us, as we are in the midst of winter and anxiously awaiting the warmth and light of spring. Although we are in darkness, there are glimpses of light that get us through. Advent is a perfect time to reflect on the glimpses of light in your life that get you through dark times.

We were given Jesus’ love so that we would show it to one another. The brightest glimpse of light that I find during advent is kindness and love from other people.

"Help us to love because You first loved us." 1 John 4:19

These are just a few examples of light that lift my spirit during a time of darkness, reflection, and waiting:

  • Happiness from those less fortunate than me during the holidays, showing me the true meaning of Christmas and reminding me that real love cannot be bought in a store
  • Seeing the blue sky and the sun shining on the streets of London
  • Speaking with family back home during the holidays when I am in a country far from home and familiar traditions
  • Feeling welcome in any space, whether it be a new church, a coffee shop, or a city
  • Laughs with my flatmate Lejla while putting up Christmas decorations

What are the glimpses of light that lift your spirit and give you hope during advent? Remember that a hug or a genuine “how are you?” could be exactly what someone needs during this dark time. Remember that the way for us to thank Jesus for his love is to give it back out to everyone around us.