Serve in France

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Could this be your next adventure?

Only UK residents can apply!

What? Volunteer as an assistant to Schools Workers, a Youth Worker, a Worker with Elderly and/ or Disabled Clients, or a Social Worker

Where? FRANCE, various locations

When? 9 months of service - start September (to May) or October (to June)

Summary of Roles:

Assistant to Schools Workers & Youth Workers

The volunteers are an integral part of school life. A typical week is made of:

  • supervision and leading activities in different places where the pupils are 
  • leading workshops
  • extracurricular coaching
  • a time for consultation and team meeting
  • in boarding schools projects: run evening activities for boarders

 Work with Elderly / Disabled Clients

The volunteer’s main focus is to build relationships with the clients through dialogue. The volunteer will be working alongside a professional team and will assist the elderly/ disabled person with daily activities , in various recreational activities (walks, cultural visits…). In general, he will contribute to the well-being of the elderly persons.

Assistant Social Workers - women's shelter/ homeless centres

The volunteer will be directly involved in the implementation of a leisure activities program and the selection of cultural or sports activities. You will help in enhancing access to culture and leisure activities by offering the residents ice-skating, entertainment, theatre outings etc. Your tasks are to provide crafts and arts activities and develop cultural and sports animation projects, after consulting the hosted residents. You will build relationships with clients with the aim of reducing isolation. You will accompany the clients to work alongside a multi-disciplinary team in order to achieve social rehabilitation. 

Cost: £1750

What’s included

  • monthly pocket money (€470 per month)
  • Accommodation and all reasonable related bills
  • Food (some placements require you to cater for yourself during weekends)
  • Airport Collection on Arrival & Drop off at departure
  • Insurance through the French government health system (70% refunded)
  • Pension contributions to the French government’s pension fund
  • Training and support (before, during and after your year of service)

What’s not included

  • Flight/ travel costs 
  • Comprehensive Medical/ travel Insurance (incl. repatriation)

Volunteer Requirements


  • Passion for working with people
  • Aged 18-25 


  • Basic French Skills 


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