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Where will you journey with God this year?

Only UK residents can apply!

What? Volunteer as an assistant to Children Workers & Youth Workers, a Worker with Elderly and/or Disabled Clients

Where? GERMANY, various locations

When? 12 months of service - start end of August 

- Assistant to Children Workers & Youth Workers
A voluntary service with children and young people often takes place in children’s’ homes, institutions for disabled children and youth or sometimes kindergartens. Volunteers working with children and young people always need a lot of empathy, patience, creativity and authority in dealing with discipline issues.

- Work with Elderly/Disabled Clients
A typical day of a voluntary service working with the elderly and people in need of care depends on the schedule in the old people’s home. Volunteers often work in shifts on five days a week (e.g. early shift 6:00 to 14:00, late shift 14:00 to 22:00; work every second weekend and days off during the week). As a volunteer, this means that you might help with washing the residents, getting them dressed and taking breakfast. During the morning you could help with various activities, e.g. reading something to people, playing games. At lunch, you could help again with the meal(s), and in the afternoon carry out further activities with the residents, like walks or occasional short trips.

- Disabled Clients

Often a volunteer is integrated into the daily shifts, and helps either from morning till afternoon or from noon till the evening (and every second weekend) in supporting the disabled. One part of the service is usually caring work, supporting the nurses when washing or getting the occupants dressed, or helping them with their meals. Another part of the activities is supporting the clients in their everyday life, i.e. at their daily duties within the home (cleaning, cooking, shopping), during their leisure time on evenings or weekends. Some volunteers serve in sheltered workshops: They accompany the clients to their work and support them e.g. in the field of textile, craftwork, wood or metal. Together with the staff, they instruct the handicapped people and maintain contact with the workshops. They also help with meals and at the bathroom. Working hours are more regular (e.g. 7:30 – 16:00).

In addition to these main fields of service, there may be more placement opportunities like conference centres, hospitals or community centres. Please let us know your preferences and we will try to find a placement that fits your interests.

Cost: £1000

What’s included

  • monthly pocket money 
  • Accommodation and all reasonable related bills
  • Food (or food allowance)
  • Basic Medical Insurance through the German government 
  • Training and support (before, during and after your year of service)

What’s not included

  • Flight/ travel costs 
  • Comprehensive Medical/ travel Insurance (incl. repatriation)

Volunteer Requirements


  • Passion for working with people
  • Aged 18-30  


  • Basic German Language Skills 

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