Singing and smiling

Singing and smiling Cover Image

Luzie’s friends would describe her as the girl who always smiles.

"I don’t worry before something happens," Lu said.

Lu knows the importance of a warm smile. ‘I always want to make friends. When I do something with some people together, I try to animate them,’ Lu said.

That is what Lu is most excited for during her Time For God year: meeting new people.

She is getting plenty of opportunity to meet new people through her placement. Lu helps out during a playgroup for moms and their young children and at a craft group for older women.

Lu likes working with children. Originally, she thought she might become an au pair. However, she changed her mind as she realized her passion for helping others. "I thought I could reach much more people if I worked as a volunteer," Lu said.

When she returns to Germany next year, she will study at university. Lu wants to study English and politics to become a journalist.

"I can talk to so many people and it’s so awesome to feel like you’re needed," Lu said.

In her spare time, Lu enjoys swimming. She finds it relaxing and is also another way to socialize.

Lu finds herself singing all the time. She sang in the choir at home and hopes to continue during her gap year.

If you are interested in what Lu is up to, she also is chronicling her TfG year adventures on her German- and English-language blog, called That German Girl in Britain.