The Flood

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​This post was originally published on ‘British Accent-u-aiding Faith,’, a personal volunteer blog, on 25 August 2014. Kelly is a Time For God and Young Adults in Global Mission volunteer who is spending her year working at a shelter for people experiencing homelessness. This post has been edited from its’ original version. Read the full post here.   

Hello, hello.

I had told people before I left the U.S. that my blog would likely be filled with my embarrassing moments of cultural confusion, clumsiness, and the utterly awkward - mostly because that was predominantly what my life looked like before leaving the country.

I really had thought that would be more of a joke than anything, but alas today proved me to be mistaken.

Today was Matthew and my first day at Bethany House.  We spent a lovely morning with Lynne working on some technical “Headquarters Stuff.”  After all of our HQ business, Matthew and I headed to Bethany House to start some training.

We were greeted by a smiling crew of friendly staff members and lunch prepared in the dining room. We ate quickly and proceeded to help clean up in the kitchen.  My job was simple… so I thought.  All I had to do was rinse the dishes that Matthew brought to me.  I had gotten through most of the stack when one of the staff members peeked into my sink and suggested I run new water, as what I had was kind of gross and full of food.  So, of course I pulled the plug on the sink to let it drain.  Little did I know that doing this would cause the kitchen to flood.

Yep. First day, haven’t even started training and I have caused a small natural disaster in the kitchen.  Wonderful.  No, I mean it, it was wonderful! As people walked on tip-toes through the water they smiled and cracked jokes and laughed and I didn’t even feel a little bit stupid (I mean I felt a little embarrassed because my shoes were full of dirty sink water, but that’s not really the
point)!  I felt happy - I mean I didn’t feel happy about all the water and gigantic mess I created because yikes, that was bad, but that happiness came from knowing I was going to be apart of such an awesome community of people that just take whatever is thrown at them and deal with it in a positive, joyful way!

How blessed I am to be invited into this community of loving staff members!  Thank God!  I have so much gratitude for today and that I can now add this first embarrassing moment in Scotland to my blog!  Here is to a great start and more to come!  :)

God bless!  xx