Work at an Activity Centre

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Are you interested in supporting outdoor pursuit projects and hospitality centres?


‘Hospitality’ will be the focus of a volunteer at a conference or outdoor activity centre – serving the needs of guests while also assisting with the upkeep of the facility. Conference centres are facilities that host business, social, and church groups for one or several days. Outdoor-activity centres will host groups in a similar way; however, these centres may also lead activities and sessions for the visiting group.


It is most common to find conference and activity centres in the countryside – allowing guest to ‘get away’ from the busyness of city life. Volunteers will almost always be part of a team of people who live and work on the grounds of the centre. Though everything needed is at the centre, volunteers are able to get rides into the nearest town – but this may be only once or twice a week.

Possible activities:

  • Outdoor activities: assist with rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, etc (will depend on volunteer’s qualifications, though some centres provide training)
  • Housekeeping: keeping the centre tidy and cleaning when guests leave
  • Welcoming and caring for guests during their stay
  • Maintenance: help the gardening team keep the grounds in good order
  • Worship: attend/participate in times of worship for guests and staff