Work with People with Learning Disabilities

​Are you passionate about serving adults with learning disabilities?


People with ‘learning difficulties’ refers to those who have conditions such as Down’s syndrome, Autism, etc. These individuals are reasonably independent; however, they rely on full-time and volunteer carers to help them with cooking, tidying up, using public transport, and learning in a classroom setting. When not doing their caring duties, volunteers may help plan leisure activities, organise weekend outings, and help maintain the centre or care home.


Most of TfG’s placements in this category take place at residential care homes – where volunteers live on-site, but in their own separate living space. Alternatively, a few placements operate as day centres for those with learning difficulties (they have no residential accommodation); at these placements, a volunteer will either live in a flat with other volunteers or with a host family.

Possible activities:

  • Build relationships through spending time with and helping clients/residents
  • Organise and plan both evening and weekend activities/outings
  • Assist clients with cooking, tidying up, shopping, using public transport, etc

 Note: Though not all clients/residents will need it, volunteers should be prepared to offer some degree of ‘personal care’ – which could include feeding, bathing and/or dressing people.