Work with Vulnerable People

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Are you passionate about supporting vulnerable women, homeless people or recovering addicts?


‘Vulnerable people’ are those who need help to change their circumstances – like homeless people, people with drug and alcohol addictions, and refugees (often a vulnerable person will be in more than one of these categories). Volunteers assist trained staff to conduct a programme for the placement’s client group, with the main focus on building healthy relationships with clients and work with them during their struggles. Some of these programmes have Christian faith as an important part in the recovery programme; therefore, volunteers should be comfortable with speaking about their faith to strangers.


Most projects working with vulnerable people will do so at either a residential hostel or day centre. Volunteers will either live on-site, with other volunteers in a flat nearby, or with a host family. Placements working with vulnerable people will stress the need for all volunteers to separate their working and personal lives – never spending personal time with clients outside of working hours.

Possible activities:

  • To befriend and converse with clients, especially new clients at the placement
  • Assist clients in learning and carrying out domestic duties – cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc
  • Attend (and later lead) small instructional classes, social activities and/or group prayer and worship times
  • Assist staff in maintaining records of the care given to each client
  • Assist clients to find employment, social benefits, or accommodation for themselves