Work with Youth

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​Are you passionate about supporting young people?


Some of TfG’s placements combine working with children and young people (e.g. in a church or activity centre), while others will specifically work with young people (also called ‘youth’). Youth work involves spending informal time with young people – perhaps after school, at a social event, or at church-related events. Placements working with this age group aim to create a safe environment for young people to explore and discover more about themselves, faith and the world around them. A volunteer would be expected to be a role model for young people and therefore expected to live accordingly.


Volunteers working with youth and/or children in a church setting are likely to live with a ‘host family’ – a couple or family who have agreed to house the volunteer for the year. However, those working in schools or a youth centre may either live with a host family or in a flat, perhaps on-site or nearby, often with other volunteers from the project.

Possible activities:

  • Build friendly and healthy relationships with young people – those at the placement and in the wider community
  • Organise and run social/sport groups for young people
  • Accompany groups of youth on outings away from the placement
  • Participate in activities put on by the placement for young people
  • Relate cross-culturally to the youth, sharing more about your cultural background with them